The Whole Nine Yards R79

Two eggs, three smoked bacon strips, pork sausage, grilled tomato, baby spinach, mushrooms and two hash browns. Served with warm toast on the side.

Kuzuri Light R45

Two eggs, three smoked bacon strips, grilled tomato and two hash browns. Served with warm toast on the side.

Savoury Mince on Toast R68

Kuzuri’s legendary savoury mince served on crisp ciabatta and finished off with two farm fresh fried eggs.

Breakfast Quesadilla’s R68

Bacon, onion, red pepper, eggs and mild cheddar cheese all loaded between two tortillas and lightly toasted on the griddle.
Served with sour cream, salsa and guacamole.

Breakfast in a Pan R68 - 72

Your own little breakfast pan served directly on the table with warm toast on the side.
– Two eggs poached in a bed of spinach, corn, chorizo and jalapeno’s.      R72
– Two eggs poached in a bed of creamy mushroom and parmesan.            R68

French Toast R65

Perfectly golden french toast dusted in cinnamon sugar served with golden syrup and a dollop of vanilla infused cream.

Honey and lime Quinoa Fruit Salad R79

Fresh fruit pieces tossed with quinoa and a lime, honey and poppy seed dressing. Surprisingly fi lling and protein rich. This delicious bowl of health is the perfect option to get you energised for the day ahead.

Fruit Compote R79

Bringing back the old classic of stewed fruit! This warm, fruity and subtly tart mix of berries and stone fruits is loaded with antioxidants and goes on just about anything. Why not try it with a croissant and whipped cream or if you have a sweet tooth order a bowl of vanilla ice cream with your breakfast! No one said ice-cream couldn’t be the most important meal of the day!

Croissant/Scones/Muffin R45

All served warm from the oven with a side of homemade tomato and thyme jam, grated mild cheddar and whipped cream.
– Add Salami, pastrami, hickory ham or bacon.                R18

Chicken Livers R58

Pan fried chicken livers in a spicy cream and tomato based sauce with warm ciabatta slices. So good they have earned
their spot on our menu for the third time running!

Crumbed Halloumi R68

Lightly crumbed and served with avocado, rocket and home-made chilli and garlic dipping sauce.

Vegetable Tower R65

A tower of seasonal vegetables served with spiced cream cheese, basil pesto and dusted with parmesan and biltong shavings.

Toasted Baby Camembert R75

125g camembert roasted in the oven until it’s soft and gooey on the inside. Accompanied with a spicy warm fruit compote, peppery nasturtium leaves and ancient grain crackers.

Poached Pear and Gorgonzola R76

Pear, blue cheese and toasted nuts is a combination made in heaven! Our red wine and cinnamon poached pears work beautifully served with watercress and baby spinach leaves and our creamy blue cheese dressing.

Beef Fillet and Apricot Kebabs R79

Two beef, dried apricot and roasted red pepper kebabs served on a bed of rocket.

Platters to share
Cheese platter (serves 2) R170

A selection of hard and soft white cheeses, seasonal fruits, roasted red pepper relish, walnut syrup, preserves and fresh basil served with savoury crackers and home-made health bread.

Ploughman’s platter (serves 2) R190

A selection of hard and soft white cheeses, cold meats, seasonal fruits, roasted red pepper relish, basil pesto and preserves. Served with savoury crackers and home-made health bread.

Med platter (serves 2) R220

Falafel, koftas, chicken goujons, spinach and onion baked samosas, crumbed haloumi sticks, hummus, baba ganoush, veggie sticks and bruschetta.

Chicken Salad R88

Grilled chicken strips with papaya, avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and croutons on a bed of salad greens. Served with a creamy lime, honey and poppy seed dressing.

Butternut and Goats Cheese Salad R78

Roasted butternut dusted in dukkha, locally made goats cheese and couscous all tossed together with popped pumpkin seeds, fresh herbs and salad greens.

Beetroot, Orange and Feta Salad with Walnuts R82

Roasted beetroot, red onion, orange, feta and toasted walnuts on a bed of fresh spinach leaves. Dressed with a honey
sweetened balsamic and dijon mustard dressing.

Asian Beef Salad R95

Juicy sirloin strips, cherry tomatoes and cucumber with all the classic ingredients. Chilli, garlic, cilantro, limes and lemon grass on a bed of crisp oriental lettuce, garnished with sweet red onion and a chilli flower.

Halloumi Wrap R79

Lightly crumbed halloumi, avocado and julienned vegetables with a homemade chilli and garlic syrup. Served with chips and side salad.

Chicken Wrap R79

Lightly Crumbed chicken strips with apple, pear, toasted walnuts in a zesty lime home-made mayo and shredded red
cabbage. Served with chips and side salad.

Beef Wrap R82

Tender beef strips, water crest, mascarpone and homemade cherry tomato and thyme chutney. Served with chips and side salad.

Beef and Apricot Burger R89

150g ground beef, cumin and apricot pattie.  Kuzuri makes all of its burger patties in house. Placed on an open burger bun garnished with lettuce, tomato and battered onion rings. Served with chips.

Chicken Burger R85

Chicken fillet and a smoked honey and mustard mayo. Kuzuri makes all of its burger patties in house. Placed on an open burger bun garnished with lettuce, tomato and battered onion rings. Served with chips.

Main Course
Butternut Ravioli R75

Spinach and feta ravioli cooked to perfection and smothered ina velvety butternut and sage sauce. Served with a side salad.

Parma Ham and Asparagus Tagliatelle R88

Tagliatelle, ham and aldente asparagus spears in a rich white wine and cream based sauce.

Basil and Parmesan Tagliatelle R78

Tagliatelle tossed lightly in our homemade basil pesto and parmesan shavings. Garnished with toasted pinenuts and
peppery rocket leaves.

Black Mushroom Fillet – Seasonal (Vegetarian) R72

Baked in the oven with garlic and herb butter served with your choice of side salad or vegetables.

Stuffed Baby Butternut (Vegetarian) R68

Whole baby butternut stuffed with feta, red onions, garlic, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme served with your choice of side salad or vegetables.

Coconut Kingklip R190

Pan fried Kingklip cooked in coconut milk, ginger and coriander with a hint of chilli. Served with basmati rice and stir fried vegetables.

Hake & Chips R82

Grilled or battered hake fillet served with your choice of chips or rice and a side salad. Accompanied with a lemon butter sauce.

Prawns R (SQ)

6 queen prawns flash fried in lemon and butter then smothered in a creamy tarragon sauce. Served with basmati
rice or chips and a wedge of lemon.

Chicken Maryland R79

A modern twist on the classic quarter chicken. Served with chips and side salad.

Chicken Schnitzel R95

Lightly Crumbed chicken fillets topped with rocket, mushrooms and parmesan shavings. Served on a bed of ribboned baby marrows and long grain basmati rice.

Chicken Pot Pie R89

Individually backed chicken pie with a hint of tarragon and white wine. Served with chips and side salad.

Lamb Curry R130

Lamb slow simmered in dana, cinnamon, ginger, coriander and yogurt. Served with long grain basmati rice, poppadum’s and carrot, cucumber and apricot chutneys.

Braised Lamb Shank R198

Joint of lamb, braised for 4 hours in a full bodied red wine, rosemary, garlic and tomato based sauce. Served with creamy scallion mashed potato or a contemporary South African favourite pap made Kuzuri style and a side salad.

Eisbein R165

Crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside! Served with traditional sour crout, apple sauce and your
choice of mash potato or chips.

Rump R138 - 198

– 250g A – grade beef cut served with a side salad and chips    R138
– 500g A – grade beef cut served with a side salad and chips    R198

Fillet R162

250g A – grade beef cut served with a side salad and chips

T-bone R185

500g A – grade beef cut served with a side salad and chips

Sauces R32 - 40

Madagascan cracked pepper and sherry R35
Texan Chilli R32
Cheese R32
Mushroom and Whiskey Infused R35
Bacon, Camembert and Fig Preserve R40

Back to Basics
Toasted Sandwiches : Choice of fillings R45 - 58

Cheese and tomato R45
Ham, cheese and tomato R56
Chicken mayonnaise R56
Mushroom and ementale R58